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Wilderness Survival Training

New Skills

Learn new skills that could save your life if you ever find yourself stuck in the wilderness!


Bushcraft & Survival

Learn techniques for surviving off the land and bushcraft skills that you can take anywhere!


Horizontal gray wooden planks as a background listing the skills that will change your life. Be the gray man. Be the grey man

Some of the life-changing skills you'll learn include:

  • Primitive Basic Navigation

  • Signaling For Rescue

  • Basic Knife Skills

  • Fire Building

  • Primitive Water Filtration

  • Primitive Shelter Construction

Field Trips for Kids

We also offer Field Trips for Kids! Whether you're a Public, Private or Homeschool Group, we take our standard Weekender Course and make the curriculum kid-friendly with a shorter course time of 4 hours. This course takes place at a safe, well maintained, public campground environment! There is a 10 student minimum and you must supply the group of students.


Instructor Jeff and students are seen here demonstrating some of the skills taught in our courses

Instructor Jeff Van Pelt showing a natural built shelter at an Ethos Bushcraft and Survival course
Students learning how to make natural cordage
Ethos Bushcraft and Survival Instructor Jeff Van Pelt
One of the students using natural materials to give oxygen to a primitive fire
One of the students from Ethos Bushcraft & Survival practicing a fire starting technique

All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome! Our courses are set up so that everyone can participate and learn regardless of prior experience.

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